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The Brits 2014

Photographed by Robin Harper 

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"Picasso Lady"

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Weekend chronicles “The big bun lady”

Minamalistic denim on denim

Ive always been an Oxford kind of Girl.. #thriftstorefinds #retro #thriftsociety

Be yourself because an original is worth way more than a copy #lovingthisNYweather

Hold up, let me go teach these second graders right quick….#redhead #ootd #schoolflow #workflow #thriftsociety #protectivestyling #teacher

"R E S I L I E N C E" - The capacity to recover quickly from difficulties, toughness…


My boyfriend and I are going to look at some houses today! I’m so excited!!
But I tried to look as normal as possible with my wierd wardrobe, so they will hopefully take me serieus. I have no idea how to adult.


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